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Garage door spring is an essential component of your garage door, but a very complex thing when comes to repair or replacement. Though you may find numerous DIY guides online to how to fix a garage door spring, it can recommend to not to try doing it on your own. In the past, there have been numerous accidents related to garage door spring replacement. So if you don’t want to get hurt, it is wise to procure professional garage door spring repair company.

Garage Door Spring Repair Santa Ana, CA placed among the most trusted garage door spring repair companies in California, provides an array of services including garage door spring repair/installation, and opener repair/installation, among various others. Our team of garage door spring repair experts have years of experience in providing unparalleled services to hundreds of clients for their diverse needs. At Garage Door Spring Repair Santa Ana, CA, no requirement is crucial or trivial, as we are committed to delivering superior services and value in every job we undertake. A damaged garage door spring can significantly impact the opening and closing of the garage door, seeking professional assistance can help you do away with the problem in a hassle-free manner. A soon as you notice any anomalies in the garage door, contact our professionals to get things fixed on time before they turn into expensive replacements.
Unparalleled Garage Door Spring Repair
Committed to providing world-class garage door spring repair services, Garage Door Spring Repair Santa Ana, CA is your one-stop destination for all your garage door related issues, with spring repair being no exception. Leveraging cutting edge tools and state-of-the-art equipment sourced from trusted associates, we are ideally placed to deliver on exceptionally diverse prerequisites and that too under stringent timelines.

Garage Door Spring Repair Santa Ana, CA carries all sizes of torsion and extension springs repairs/replacements, and also offer meticulous Wayne-Dalton spring repair within specified timeline. In addition to years of workmanship warranty, all our spring repair services are backed with lifetime manufacturer warranty giving our customers a peace of mind. We strive to provide quality services, which are at par with industry-wide benchmarks. Our other range of comprehensive services include:
Professional Assistance
Experts at Garage Door Spring Repair Santa Ana, CA are committed to resolving all your garage door related issues in a time bound manner. Our team of technicians have considerable years of experience in repairing garage door springs and have an eye for details to offer a perfect fit. As spring repair or replacement is a complex job, our technicians do it with great enthusiasm and passion. Also, during our services, we ensure that no harm is done to your property. A damaged garage door can degrade the curb appeal of your home exterior. Our garage door experts will help you pick the right garage door that suits your home exterior as well as the utility.

Available All Around the Year

We ensure round the clock garage door spring repair services even on national and international holidays, without charging anything extra for it.
Fast Emergency Services
We understand the value of time and emergency to repair garage door spring, opener and other components of the door. Our emergency garage door spring repair services ensure all garage door problems are resolved on high priority basis.

Competent Technicians

All our garage door spring repair technicians are highly competent and skilled to use cutting edge tools and equipment to provide trusted garage door repair. Their years of experience in garage door industry ensure reliable services ensuring perfect fit and peace of mind to our clients.

Affordable Services

Don’t confuse quality with affordability. There are times when in the name of affordability, people procure poor quality services. Employ a trustworthy company known for providing reliable garage door services. Our years of experience in garage door repair services, enable us to provide quality workmanship at affordable prices.

Branded Garage Door Products

All our garage door products are from renowned brands and all of which are backed with a substantial warranty.
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If you are noticing any anomalies in your garage door spring operation, you should immediately contact a professional garage door service provider. Call us at our helpline number, and one of our representatives will get in touch with you. We will make an appointment with you as per your availability.

Note: We DO NOT sell garage door parts. We provide industry leading service and repair work with the highest quality products available in the market. This is also why we provide 30 day labor warranties and LIFETIME warranties on almost everything we provide to our customers. We do not recommend that homeowners perform garage door repair work on their own as it can, and has, caused serious injury and death.

Types of Extension Springs & Torsion Springs

Part No.Description
ES000580 lbs Gold Extension Spring
ES001090 lbs light Blue Extension Spring
ES0015100 lbs tan Extension Spring
ES0020110 lbs white Extension Spring
ES0025120 lbs Green Extension Spring
ES0030130 lbs Yellow Extension Spring
ES0035140 lbs Dk Blue Extension Spring
ES0040150 lbs Red Extension Spring
ES00503inch Pulley / Sheave
ES00554inch Pulley / Sheave
DS0005E-900 One Piece Kit
DS0010P328 One Piece Door Spring
DS0015P528 One Piece Door Spring
DS0020P728 One Piece Door Spring
DS0025P928 One Piece Door Spring
TS0005192x2x20 Orange/Red Torsion Spring
TS0010192x2x20 Orange/Black Torsion Spring
TS0015207x2x24 Yellow/Red Torsion Spring
TS0020207x2x24 Yellow/Black Torsion Spring
TS0025218x2x24.5 White/Red Torsion Spring
TS0030218x2x24.5 White/Black Torsion Spring
TS0035225x2x27 Red/Red Torsion Spring
TS0040225x2x24.5 Red/Black Torsion Spring
TS0045234x2x27.75 Brown/Red Torsion Spring
TS0050234x2x27.75 Brown/Black Torsion Spring
TS0055243x2x30.5 Green/Red Torsion Spring
TS0060243x2x30.5 Green/Black Torsion Spring
TS0065250x2x32 Gold/Red Torsion Spring
TS0070250x2x32 Gold/Black Torsion Spring
TS0075262x2x35.5 Blue/Red Torsion Spring
TS0080262x2x35.5 Blue/Black Torsion Spring
TS0085273x2x35.5 Orange/Red Torsion Spring
TS0090273x2x35.25 Orange/Black Torsion Spring
TS0105192x2x20 Orange/Red Torsion Spring
TS0110192x2x20 Orange/Black Torsion Spring
TS0185273x2x35.5 Orange/Red Torsion Spring NO5
TS0190273x2x35.25 Orange/Black Torsion Spring NO5
TS0095283x2x38 LT Blue/Red Torsion Spring
TS0100283x2x38 LT Blue/Black Torsion Spring